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Seraphine de Senlis

Seraphine Louis also know as seraphine de senlis

Seraphine de senlis is a French naive painter who lives from 1964 to 1942 in France. Completely self-taught, her art was a total personal expression of her unique vision on Nature, Religion and life. She was discovered by an art-dealer whom she happened to be her house-cleaner.

seraphine de senlis poster


"Autodidacte de génie, Séraphine s'est lancée à corps perdu dans la peinture. Elle projette dans chacune de ses compositions représentant d'extraordinaires bouquets de fleurs imaginaires les forces psychiques qui embrasent son inconscient "

seraphine de senlis painting

seraphine de senlis painting


seraphine de senlis painting

seraphine de senlis painting


seraphine de senlis painting
Les fruits, 1924

Serapahine de senlis painting
Deux grande marguerites

The movie

In 2008, a movie was made and won 7 Cesars (the French oscars). A nice movie (finally!).

"1912. Séraphine Louis, 42, lives in Senlis, a small town fifty kilometers outside Paris. She earns a living doing household chores and cleaning. In her spare time, Séraphine paints, on anything that comes to hand (plates, furniture, small wooden panels). She works as a maid for Madame Duphot, who rents an apartment to a German art critic and dealer, Wilhelm Uhde, an enthusiastic advocate of modern and "primitive" artists. At a dinner party given by Madame Duphot, Wilhelm comes across a small painting that Séraphine brought over a few days previously. Mesmerized, he snaps it up and insists that Séraphine show him the rest of her work. He buys it all and encourages her to continue developing her talent. The Great War breaks out. Uhde is forced to flee France and abandon Séraphine. 1927. Back in France, Wilhelm Uhde visits an exhibition of amateur painters in Senlis, where, at the far end of one of the rooms, he glimpses huge, shimmering, mystical canvases. Wilhelm immediately recognizes Séraphine's style. Overcome with emotion, he decides to take the elderly woman under his wing once more. "

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