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Those Who Killed The Art

cattalan monument in Milan, Piazza Affari

When I was thinking about art and looking at art exhibitions with a new mind, here came this article from the Corriere della Sera about the latest book of French art critic Jean Clair: L'Hiver de la culture - the Winter of Culture

In Italian the book will be published in November (2011).

I am just a beginner, although a long-time art lover, and so it makes me happy to see an intellectual, a professional art critic express the same doubts that I happened to have, too.

In fact, after Picasso cubism, there has been a kind of spiraling into less and less "artistically" paintings and drawings and work of art. Today, when we see some modern (an even rich and famous!) artist, we wonder why this person should be recognized by what he does. There is the tendency, in my opinion, to shock by any means.

Anyhow, let's go back to So what does jean Clair says, briefly?


These are his points and opinions, (which I mostly agree with)

  • Art today is dominated by commercial intentions only

  • Art curators today follow fashions and popular trends

  • Cultural events have nothing to do with culture

  • The more people are alone the more they go to museums to visit exhibitions-events

  • People prefer to look at a painting than to read a book because it's easier to do

  • Museums "successes" are measured by the number of visitors and not by the number of visitors who learned something.

  • Modern artists today can be divided in wo groups: the ego-centered bad taste lover (such as Serrano, orlan, Sherman) and the marketing strategists without any artistical skills (such as Cattelan - see the picture on top of this page-, Hirst, koons, Murakami, the brothers Chapman)

  • This tendency started after the second World War. The "new" without any origin.

  • We live in an epoch where everything must be entertainment

  • We should make the difference between price and the real value of an art piece

Well, enough to be willing to read the book about those who killed the art?

But, I also like the end of the article by Vincenzo trione who, while agreeing with this gloomy vision of the contempranean art, he nervertheless suggest that even in the "night" you can see bright lights when you look carefully....



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Jean Clair is one of the highest representative of French Culture: former director of the Musée Picasso in Paris. of the Venice Biennale in 1995, since 2008 member of the French Academy.





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