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Two Centered Circles within Each other in Illustrator


Here are three way to create two circles with each other in Illustrator CS5. The systems should be valid in CS4 and some earlier versions.

METHOD 1 - Manually positioning with smart guides on

Use the select tool select tool, make sure the "smart guides" ar on (green little text and lines which appears when drawing), select the small circle with the "select tool (a blue square appears), drag manually the smaller circle towards the larger circle, position it inside the latter until the smart guide shows "center".

tow centered circles in illustratorSTEP 1, use the select tool

two centered circles in illustratorSTEP 2



Use the align window

align window

Select both circles either by holding and dragging both circles with the "select tool" or by using the SHIFT click to select both individually (click on a circle with the select tool, then hold the SHIFT click and select the other circle)

circle in circle step 1STEP 1


circle in circle with align windowSTEP 2



METHOD 3 - the scale tool

Use the scale tool in Illustrator scale tool

Where is it? here:

adobe scale tool in the tool bar

Ok, here you must also use the ALT key along with the tool. Hold ALT + click with the scale tool. A new window appears and use the highlighted buttoms and parameters.

two centered circles in illustrator with the scale toolSTEP 1



circle in circle with illustrator cs5 and scale tool




Why are these exercise useful for my stencil and clip art projects? What's the result?

Well check it here!


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