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Venice Italy Tourism Weather and History

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Weather in Venice, Italy
Fahrenheit and celsius....

Secrets of cheap flights (external link) !

Webcams in Venice
All webcams not only on Venice Piazza San Marco, and CAnal grande, but also traffic situation and beaches...

Look for Hotels
4 stars hotels, luxury hotels, cheap hotels, etc...

Venice Film Festival
The International Venice Film festival is one the 4 most important European movie indutry awards

Biennale Venice
It's a major modern art show which includes the famous Film Festival, an Architecture and Dance section.

Venice History
Security, salt and fishing, wisdom and peace is what made Venice the Venice we know.


Welcome to my Venice Italy Tourism Weather and History webpage!

Is there any place in the world which as been more painted and photographed?

Arounder venice (Panorama experience)

Venice - orginally 118 little islands choosen by the local people as safe-haven during the Longobard invasion in the 6th century - was at its peak in the 18th century. Then after 1070 years of indipendence it was conquered by Napoleon on 17 May 1797. After a few power successions, Venice was annexed to Italy in 1866 (the Italian Kingdom, alias Italy was created in 1861, and became a republic in 1945, in the aftermath of the Second World War, after a very a tight -nearly split in half- vote result)

Venice is a source of inpirations for artists and craftmen even today. Be it the famous Canaletto's paintings (light in Venice at sunset or sunrise is quite unique ands manyfolds in all seasons due to its flat location and the sea) or the Murano glasses, the yearly Biennale exhibition or the Venice Filma festival (one of the 4 most important film industry awards with Cannes, France, Berlin, germany and Locarno, Switzerland) Venice is visited by millions of people every year.

I don't live far away from venice: about a 3-4 hours drive.

There are plenty of advices to give you but perhaps I would suggest this very first, HUGE tip:


Venice - Italy
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venice italy panoramic viw from arounder website



avoid Venice in August (and so the rest of Italy): it's very hot, hyper-crowded and more expensive!

Venice and Italy are best visited in April to May, and perhaps also early June and September are the best months in my opinion.

But for Venice, its melancholic fascination is also much fit to the Winter season and of course during February -March when the Carnival is taking place!

All in all, Venice is one of those places to "see before you die"!



Venice weather

Do you want to know what is wheater like right now? Check our webpage!


Stay tuned for more articles!

Plan of Venice, by Odoardo Fialetti, 16th-17th Century
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Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
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Venice, Italy
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Venice, Italy
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Venice, Italy
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High Angle View of a City, Venice, Italy
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Gondolas in a Canal, Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
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Riva Ca' Di Dio, Venice, Veneto, Italy
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Riva Degli Schiavoni, San Marco Canal, Castello District, Venice, Veneto, Italy, Europe
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Venice Italy Tourism Weather and History

Venice is all in 3D on Google EARTH and you can visit it virtually (mind the loading time, it might be slow to navigate).

Venice, Italy is completely in 3D on Google Earth

4 Stars Hotels in Venice, Italy

Mind the star ratings in Italy.

In my experience a 4 stars Italian Hotel is not equivalent of a 4 stars Hotel.

The international star rating for 4 stars hotel is different abroad or a Hotel company (say a Holiday Inn for instance).

I had this feeling and experience over and over again in Italy. So in my opinion often a 4 stars hotel in Italy is such only for the price, the room is probably more like a 3 (or sometimes even 2!) stars hotel, especially where tourists abound.

But I might be wrong and luckily, Google Earth reports objective reviews which you can read directly.

On each 4stars Hotel indicated in the picture below by a letter in a drop symbol, you can click and then see the reviews: click on to read!

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