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Wacom reviews

Wacom reviews to choose you pen tablet: Bamboo, Intuos, Cintiq...which one?

my best source to get a first glimpse is the Amazon "basin" of comsumers:

NOTE: today, 15 October 2010, wacom introduced the "Special Edition" bamboo tablet which features 4-fingers touch and a bamboo bag.

wacom graphic tablet bamboo fun

Wacom Reviews for Bamboo Pen and Touch Fun Small Tablet

Medium size recommended for those who want to draw not only with the hand but with the wrist (longer movements). Also better for following larger pictures or drawing directly laid on the pad. (My two cents)


wacom graphic tablet intuos 4

Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet

Large size recommended for graphic artists. Why using the small size when the price for the small Intuos 4 is only a little more than the the medium-size bamboo tablet? (my opinion).


The Intuos 4 has a better sensitiviyt and touch, the pad is also softer. This fact (the pad is softer, while the pen is the same) creates some problems at the moment: the quick wearing of the nib. You can avoid this by putting a sheet of paper on the board while using it. Here is a insight from the wacom intuos 4 user forum:

Re: Intuos4 nibs flattening quickly


by s12a » Sun 26. Jul 2009, 06:11

I previously had a Bamboo Fun tablet and I felt its standard plastic nibs were almost eternal. After 10 months of use I was still using the first nib, which probably could have lasted much longer, had I kept the tablet for more time.

I recently purchased an Intuos4 tablet too and I agree that black nibs seem to wear out a bit too fast. Recently I've started using more intensively this tablet and I can already see visible nib wear (not a change in tip shape which is normal, really wear). I don't think this is because of the tablet surface, as it's very similar to that of the Bamboo Fun tablet (matte).


If black plastic nibs wear up so fast, I can only wonder what would happen with other nib types, which seem less durable to me.


By the way, tiny scratches on the surface sheet are, I'm afraid, normal and inevitable since it has a matte texture (I almost rendered completely smooth the surface of my previous Bamboo tablet because of the accumulation of tiny marks due to intense use... mostly in the central area of the tablet though).


As for the drop of quality, yes, unfortunately I can see it too in many aspects (check the links in my signature for example).


What can it be done about it?

Except for buying nib refills, as customers, we can only discuss about this problem(s) and make other people aware about it. Hopefully Wacom will eventually recognize this to be a product quality problem.






by Wacom » Mon 27. Jul 2009, 08:19

We use the same nibs and nib material as for previous tablet models. But the surface sheet on the Intuos4 is more rough and 'paperlike'. Apparently this increases the wear on the nibs. We are looking into different possibilities for improvements. - One option at the moment is to place a sheet of paper, plastic, glass, etc on the tablet, any non-metallic and not too thick material is possible.





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