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Webhosting Package PLUS Tools

picassoThere might occasions where someone wants to nearly make one or more websites to earn money. as well from their arts aor crafts

In this case a service like which provides hostings AND tools to learn how to do it, could be very useful.

Because to earn money online, you MUST have a website in 99.99% of the cases.

Another important thing, perhaps the number one priority is to build your own list of people who are interested in what you do. Eventually, many of them would translate into buyers if you manage to get their trust. This is called list building or email marketing.

It sounds a bit commercial, but you can be the best artist in the world and die from hunger. Almost ALL important painters such as Picasso were good marketers of themselves.

There are other things you want to know: how to have people fnd your website

Build more than one webiste and create many streams of income

How to use thr rigght software for your content and so.

Well, the offer with gives you all that. Why not giving it a try?

In short this a way to learn "how to make out" with webhosting and the internet combined, LOL.

Seriously, in order to take advantage of the Internet (something all artists of the past would have jumped on if they could, in my opinion) you should consider also to learn a way to market yourself.

And a good way to start is by experimenting a lot by creating more than one website, or maybe just one website and then one blog and see the result. You should treat them as your private garden, that you water nearly every day, and take care continously.

It shouldn't come as a stress, nor you should become blog-holic. Whenever you have an idea, then it might be worth considering writing it down for your and for your potential customers, so that tehy can see what's behind an artist dayly work.


This is the short video of website. At the ned of the video, a new page opens up.

Thanks for watching!


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