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Winslow Homer Paintings

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Winslow Homer watercolor palette

Winslow Homer watercolors

Winslow Homer Biography

I discovered Winslow homer paintings through fly fishing...(he was an avid angler for necessity, too)

I was interested to know about fly fishing art and so I made a webpage about Homer.


The following painting was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1900 and was bought by the French government in the same year.

Winslow Homer painting a Summer night, 1890A Summer Night, 1890 Oil on Canvas, 76,7 x 102cm, Paris, Musée d'Orsay


winslow homer watercolor

On the Stile, c. 1878, watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper. There is a sense of spontaneity and simplicity but what a nice watercolor! A simple, well executed drawing colored with transparent watercolors. I wonder if the children were posing or, as I presume, Homer painted them quickly and finished the details from memory. Homer was an illustrator of the events during the American Civil War (often painting in oil and doing drawings which were then lithographed by others) and so his skills as draftman were coonsiderably enhanced by the dayly practice of sketching from life. Besides, he only strated using colors in 1861 - he was 25.

Homer begun using watercolors in 1873 (when he was 37) to give a change to his monotonous career as an illustrator, reportedly.


winslow homer painting

Key West, Hauling Anchor, 1903, watercolor over graphite on paper,

The watercolors "...suggested but not literally described". Yes, this is a huge difference from so many "excellent" watercolors that I have seen and which are clearly reproducing a drawing on top of a photograph: the details, especially the higlights in these modern watercolors are so clear and real, so perfect, that the final painting, unlike this one, looks like a watercolor photograph...



winslow homer painting, hound and hunter, 1892

Hound and Hunter, 1892, oil on canvas, Gift of Stephen C. Clark

Winslow Homer took a week to paint the hands (see detail below). This is one of his most famous painting. It raised scandal for the rude killing scene of an animal which Homer had to explain was already dead. Hounding was a way of killing deers with dogs forcing the animal into the water and then shoot or club it to death. Critics to this way of hunting would not "see" that this killing was to feed the hunters and not just be a leisure activity...

Of his work, Henry J. James wrote this:
"We frankly confess that we detest his subjects...he has chosen the least pictorial range of scenery and civilization, and has resolutely treated them as if they were pictorial...and, to reward his audacity he has incontestably succeeded".





winslow homer painting hound and hunter 1892, detail


winslow homer sketch for hound and hunter

Sketch for “Hound and Hunter,” 1892, watercolor on paper,


winslow homer incoming tide

Incoming Tide, Scarboro Maine, 1883, watercolor on paper
Back from a trip to the UK, Winslow Homer settled in what was nearer to the British coast landscape: the area near the Prout's Neck peninsula, in Maine. He started painting the ocean and waves and loved the rough weather conditions.



winslow homer watercolors books

Watercolors by Winslow Homer: The Color of Light (Art Institute of Chicago)



Beautiful online narrated exhibition of the National Galler of Art, Washington, DC, USA


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